TravelSafely Smartphone App Honored with “Social Impact Award”

Applied Information today announced that its TravelSafely™ Smartphone app has been selected as winner of the Social Impact Award from Mobile Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global wireless and mobile market today.

“The concept behind the TravelSafely app is to create a community of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians united by technology to create a safer, more efficient and enjoyable travel experience,” said Bryan Mulligan, President of Applied Information. “Once motorists, stopped for a red light, hear TravelSafely say ‘get ready for green’ they immediately respond. Drivers want the convenience and the safety features come along with it.”

The TravelSafely Smartphone app, being deployed in select cities in 2017 and 2018, enables motorists to communicate with traffic signals, emergency vehicles, school zones, cyclists and pedestrians to make travel safer and improve traffic. By running in the background and using audible alerts, TravelSafely prevents distracted driving and provides an additional level of awareness and safety. A popular feature includes a countdown to green at traffic signals and an audible alert that the light is about to change – Get Ready for Green.

The mission of the Mobile Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of mobile and wireless technology categories, including Cloud Computing, Mobile Management, Wireless and Broadband, Mobile Analytics, IoT and Smart City and many more. All nominations were evaluated by an independent panel of experts within the wireless industry.

“While this year’s awards program yielded an impressive set of advanced mobile and wireless technologies and apps, the Social Impact Award is a particularly important award for our program as we look to highlight technologies that can positively impact society,” said James Johnson, managing director, Mobile Breakthrough. “The promise of Applied Information’s TravelSafely app, enabling motorists to communicate with traffic signals, emergency vehicles, school zones, cyclists and pedestrians, is an impressive technology that can help create a safer travel environment for all. We congratulate the entire Applied Information team on their well-deserved industry recognition and positive social impact.”

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