TravelSafely Smartphone App featured on WSB-TV in Atlanta, GA

Most Americans would welcome any way to reduce their time in traffic, with the average U.S. work commute at 25.4 minutes, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Now comes a tech tool that will do just that while making drivers safer.

Applied Information is developing the Glance TravelSafely™ smartphone app that allows two devices people use every day, smartphones and traffic lights, to talk to each other. With increased communication yielding greater knowledge and smoother connections, the tool will help drivers shave time off their commutes.

“It’s the whole business of making the transportation system work more effectively,” Bryan Mulligan, president of the Suwanee, GA-based transportation tech innovator, told Channel 2 WSB TV News. “Something has to be done, and I think it’s time for the private sector to step up.”

The TravelSafely app provides commuters with a countdown to green lights and alerts of upcoming red ones. It can also warn drivers who are taking a curve too fast, speeding in a school zone or when pedestrians and bikers are approaching.

Applied Information’s app is scheduled to launch during the holidays. Channel 2 reported that the first large-scale smart tech projects will take place in Atlanta, just down the road from AI’s headquarters.

“This is what the future looks like,” Mulligan said.

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