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Q: What is TravelSafely?

A: TravelSafely is free mobile app that enables motorists to communicate with traffic signals, emergency vehicles, school zones, cyclists and pedestrians through audible alerts and visual cues to create a safer travel environment for all.

Q: How does TravelSafely work?

A: Through audible alerts and visual cues, TravelSafely prevents distracted driving and provides an additional level of awareness and safety that includes all roadway users and not just vehicles. TTravelSafely automatically detects if the user is a motorist, pedestrian or cyclist and adjusts alerts accordingly. Safety enhancements provided by the app include alerting drivers of approaching emergency vehicles, potential red light running, entering and/or speeding in a school zone and forewarnings for drivers when pedestrians or cyclist are near to prevent collisions. To learn more about what the TravelSafely app does click here:

Q: Is TravelSafely available everywhere?

A: Currently TravelSafely has active intersections in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Smyrna, Delaware, Marietta, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia. Click the link to view maps of each service area.

Q: Will I automatically have TravelSafely if I live or work in a TravelSafely service area?

A: While you will automatically have access to TravelSafely when you are in a service area, you must download the TravelSafely App in order to be connected to the motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and infrastructure in those areas. You can download the app here:

Q: How much does the TravelSafely app cost?

A: TravelSafely App is free and automatically available for download by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in TravelSafely service areas.

Q: Will TravelSafely provide GPS directions or alert me to police activity?

A: No. TravelSafely’s primary aim is to save lives so safety alerts are the only type of alerts you will receive. Since the alerts are audible, it is able to work in your phone’s background provided that you choose to use a GPS app as well.

Q: How can I report a problem with or ask a questions about TravelSafely?

A: To report a problem or ask questions regarding TravelSafely you can reach us here: You can also a report a problem in the app by following these steps and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

  1. Press the Help Icon (question mark).
  2. Press Report A Problem.
  3. Send us a message with details regarding the problem. Please be sure to include contact information so that we can follow up with you to address your concerns.
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