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Glance TravelSafely (“TravelSafely,” “us,” our” or “we”) is committed to protecting your privacy. Our privacy policy, which applies to all users of our website ( (“Website”), the TravelSafely mobile device application (“App”) and any and all services provided by TravelSafely through the Website and/or App (“Service”), is designed to explain the information we collect and how we use it to provide our services and give users a better experience (“Privacy policy”). Please read this Policy before using the TravelSafely Platform or submitting any personal information to TravelSafely. This Policy is a part of and incorporated within, and is to be read along with, the applicable Terms and Conditions based on the user of the TravelSafely Platform. By using the TravelSafely Platform and the Services, you agree and consent to the collection, use, disclosure, and sharing of your information as described and collected by us in accordance with this Policy. If you do not agree with the Policy, please do not use or access the TravelSafely Platform.


  • “Device” shall mean computer, mobile or other device used to access the services.
  • “Mobile Application” shall mean application provided by us on the Device to access the Services.
  • “Protected Information” shall mean such categories of information that could reasonably be used to identify you personally, including your name, e-mail address
  • “User” shall mean a person who wishes to receive services of the TravelSafely Platform.


We do not store, collect or process any sensitive data such as personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs; trade-union membership; genetic data, biometric data, etc.

We may ask you to provide us with certain Protected Information. We may collect this information through various means and in various places through the services, including account registration forms, contact us forms, or when you otherwise interact with us. When you sign up to use the services, you create a user profile. We shall ask you to provide only such Protected Information which is for a lawful purpose connected with our services and necessary to be collected by us for such purpose.


Information you give us – This includes information submitted when You:

  • Create or update the TravelSafely account which may include your Email ID, Name, Password, Registration Area.
  • Your preferences and settings such as time zone and language.
  • Report problems for troubleshooting.


After the application launch, on login, if access fine location permission or background location permission is not enabled for TravelSafely. You will see an alert dialog with an explanation, why TravelSafely requires the location in the background and foreground of both states with the allow and deny options.

If you select the deny option, then the TravelSafely application will not allow you to log in and give you another alert dialog to enable location runtime permissions.

If you select the allow option, TravelSafely will ask you location runtime permissions to get your location information, during login or using core features of TravelSafely, which includes location data. To use our best service available in TravelSafely, the app will ask you to turn on location services and permissions. In android device, you will have three options in runtime location permission to choose from:

  1. Allow all the time: We need this option to be enabled, when the app is running in the foreground (app open and on-screen) or background (app open or active but not on-screen) in both states.
  2. Allow only while using the app: If you select this option, then TravelSafely will not be able to get location information in the background state. In this case, you can only use TravelSafely services in the foreground state. To get accurate results of location-based safety alerts you need to give “Allow all the time” permission.
  3. Deny: This option disables location services for the TravelSafely app. In order to use the application, you need to enable location permission out of the two options mentioned above.

We are using location information as mentioned in the sections below.


We collect precise location data from the user’s mobile devices if they enable us to do so. We maintain this data only so long, as it is reasonable to provide our service. We use location data to find the valid service area, to detect nearby intersections devices and beacon devices, to process Signal Phase and Timing Messages from these devices, movement calculation, and detection of mode type (Pedestrian, Cyclist, Motorist) of the user as per the speed and their movement, to show alerts and alarms to different users on basis of their location, speed, and movement.

TravelSafely collects this data when the TravelSafely app is running in the foreground (app open and on-screen) or background (app open or active but not on-screen) of their mobile device. When running in the background, the app continues to check location so that it can deliver location-based safety alerts using voice announcements, without the user having to look at the app, to minimize distraction while driving or cycling.


Our app automatically gathers some information about users, including total runtime, Operating System (Android), version number, total time disconnected, total time in each service area, total time running in background and foreground, total time in various modes, and details of alerts or alarms. The data collected does not include personally identifiable information and is used for app performance analysis and troubleshooting purposes.


  • Our primary goal in collecting your information is to provide you with an enhanced experience when using the services. We use your information to closely monitor which features of the services are used most, to determine which features we need to focus on improving, including usage patterns and geographic locations to determine where we should offer or focus services, features, and/or resources.
  • Based upon the Protected Information you provide us, when registering for an account, we will send you an email to reset your password.
  • We use the information collected from our Mobile Application so that we are able to enhance the safety and security of our users and services, for customer support, for research and development, to improve existing and develop new products and services, to administer our Services and diagnose technical problems.
  • In the case of the Users, we use the geo-location information for giving alerts or alarms. TravelSafely uses verbal notifications to help you stay alert in common high-risk situations.
  1. The traffic light is about to turn green.
  2. You are about to run a red light.
  3. Speeding in an active school zone.
  4. Speeding in an active work zone.
  5. Approaching a curve too quickly.
  6. Speeding in a slow speed zone.
  7. A cyclist is on the road ahead.
  8. Pedestrians are in the crosswalk.
  9. An emergency vehicle is approaching (and from which direction it is approaching).
  10. You are about to have a rear-end collision.
  11. Pedestrians are warned of vehicles approaching the crosswalk.
  12. Cyclists are warned of speeding vehicles nearby.
  13. School Bus ahead.
  • We do not use the information collected from you for targeted advertising.


Applied Information, Inc. may, either partially or in its entirety and without being obligated to provide prior notice, modify, adapt, or change the software, features, user interface and design, the extent and availability of content, and any other aspects related to the application. You will have no claim, complaint, or demand against Applied Information, Inc. for applying such changes or for failures incidental to such changes.


You may terminate and/or uninstall TravelSafely at will and for whatever reason. However, if you would also like to delete your TravelSafely account and all personal information assigned to it, please use the “Delete Account” function in the application. Once your request is received, TravelSafely will use reasonable efforts to delete your information but please note that your information may be retained on our backup systems for a limited time.


TravelSafely is not intended to replace the information provided on the road, such as travel direction, time-based restrictions, lane restrictions, road blockades, traffic signs, traffic lights, speed signs, police instructions, etc. TravelSafely is offered for free with the intent that you will utilize it as an added layer of safety to create safer communities to drive, cycle and walk. As a subsequent benefit, TravelSafely also intends to improve traffic. However, Applied Information, Inc., its employees, directors, shareholders, advisors, or anyone on its behalf shall not be liable to you or any third party for any reason whatsoever, as a result of your use of the TravelSafely application. Your acknowledgment of this agreement irrevocably releases all of the aforementioned from liability of any kind, for any consequence as a result of the use of TravelSafely, including loss, loss of profit, damage to reputation, fee expense, or damage, direct, indirect, financial or non-financial.


We may use personal data for testing, research, analysis, product development, and machine learning to improve the user experience. This helps us make our services more convenient and easy to use, enhance the safety and security of our services, and develop new services and features. Travelsafely performs the above activities on the grounds that they are necessary to fulfill our obligations to users under our Terms of Use or other agreements with users in improving our existing services and features, or for purposes of Travelsafely’s legitimate interests developing new services and features.


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