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Over 40,000 people die each year on America’s roads. Working together, we can do something about it. While we often look to the government to solve public safety issues, we decided that part of the solution lies within the transportation private sector working with the public to create real changes in how we manage travel safety. This community focus is an integral part of TravelSafely.

The TravelSafely Smartphone app lets motorists communicate with traffic signals, emergency vehicles, school zones, cyclists, and pedestrians to create a safer travel environment for everyone and it doesn’t require the investment of billions of dollars in infrastructure improvements or any additional equipment to driver vehicles. Through audible alerts and visual cues, TravelSafely prevents distracted driving and provides an added level of awareness and safety that includes all roadway users and not just cars. TravelSafely runs in your smartphone’s background and can be used in conjunction with GPS apps to provide an extra layer of safety that can improve your traveling experience.

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